Put the pitchforks away idiots.

Ok this is fucking ridiculous already.

Yes this silly little 23 year old girl named Jeanne Napoles is lavishly flaunting her wealth. But why vilify her for it? Vilify her mother, who’s the one supposedly stealing from the country. You think this kid knows where her family’s wealth comes from? You think it crossed her mind that these were illegal funds? No, she probably assumed that her family was well off, like any other kid out there would. I’ve seen people saying that she belongs in jail and shit. For what? Spending money her parents gave her? For meeting Justin Bieber? Grow up people. If she was involved in the embezzlement or was aware of where it came from then fine, but I’ll bet my house that she didn’t know shit. Her only crime is being slightly tacky and having a bit of an overbite.  But one report goes out about how she likes to spend and all of a sudden SHE’s the new target and not the actual perpetrators of the plunder.

So enough of the mob mentality thats all over the internet and start directing your anger to the people that ACTUALLY MATTER. Like her mother. And everyone else involved with this Pork Barrel Scam.

God people are fucking stupid.


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7 responses to “Put the pitchforks away idiots.”

  1. bobbi domingo says :

    I think you are barking up the wrong tree. Its what she represents that have enraged people. Well OK, so for now lets go with your assumption that they didnt know where their parents got their money . Well now they know. What will the Napoles children do about it? Prove everyone wrong and pressure their parents to give their money back, give up the properties in their name. We would so like them to prove us wrong , to prove that they are good and decent and are not rotten in their souls like their parents.

  2. nica says :

    she’s 23 years old now. she’s an adult. are 23 year olds not supposed to know about their family business? ms. napoles is well and old enough to understand. she’s not a kid anymore.

    • thecasas says :

      Personally speaking, I know what my father does but I never ask him about his income. If he buys something, then I assume he does what most people do and saves for it. Janet Napoles is old enough to understand exactly whats going on now with her families wealth and for all we know she may be horrified to learn the truth of it. All I’m saying is that the anger of the people should be focused on her mother and not on a naive irrelevant little girl.

  3. Wehhh says :

    Omg y r u sooo affected lmao…it seems to me u r jeanne napoles and being sooo defensive…listen this bitch is in her legal age ok so she knows!!!! Therefore she deserves to go to jail with her parents!!!

  4. Ewwwww janet!!! says :

    Janet Napoles claims growing up RICH!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!….gosh look at her -she looks like a lavanderraaa hellooo!…fix ur teeth janet napoles!!!!!…get some veneers or somethin’!!!!!….jeezzzz with all d ka-ching u stole from d poor ppol of pinas u could have at least went to a dentist!!!!..

  5. Raph Doval-Santos (@heaven_spawn) says :

    Just saw this now. I remember she locked out her blog with big bold letters of “I DON’T CARE”.

    I was willing to give the girl the benefit of the doubt. Now, I think she’s just putting fuel to the fire of people being upset with that family. She’s 23. She could have said “I’m not responsible for that,” or “I understand people are upset, but this is my life.” Instead she brushed it aside with what constitutes as a big “Fuck you.”

    Hating on her, under this case, is not stupid.

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