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The Darkest Timeline

Ah screw it.  As a citizen of this country i’m entitled to speak about the elections.  So here we go.

Things I took away from this debate:

Binay is in denial over his role in the failures of the current administration. He’s the vice president for crying out loud.

Poe has good ideas but her clear inexperience and unwillingness to press issues such as Dutertes sexism makes me a little unsure of her as a candidate.

Mar is probably the best bet for me but my god do I want to punch that man in the face. Not because I hate him. But because he has a really punchable face.

Miriams health is failing. I don’t care how much she denies it. She had moments where she didn’t even look lucid. It was honestly quite a heartbreaking change from the senator I was used to. The presidency would literally kill her if she won.

Duterte has revealed himself as a misogynistic bully. His ideas remain sound but again he refuses to expand on them in the slightest bitnof detail and just assumes everyone will listen to him. Or else. It’s very trumpesque. His saving grace is that he alone among the candidates truly understands the situation in Mindanao, but he is alienating and polarizing. The rudeness and fanaticism of some of his supporters is a massive worry too.

Worst case scenario: Duterte loses the elections amidst allegations of cheating by the administration and the country is plunged into civil war when Mindanao and parts of the Visayas attempt to gain independence from a country that they feel no longer has their best interests at heart. China backs a side to gain a stronger foothold in the region leading the US to back the other side in order to ensure that the Chinese do not gain more power. World War 3 erupts on the back of this regional struggle. Armageddon ensues. Portions of the world are rendered uninhabitable. Our legacy in human history is a near extinction of civilization. All because we couldn’t get our heads out of our asses.

0-100 real fast. ‪#‎darkesttimeline‬

I can neither confirm nor deny that I was drinking when I came up with that last part.


The only time I feel the need to say something.

Two things I want to make clear first:
1) I’m not voting. My reasons are my own and I make no excuses for them and because of that I have not publicly spoken about the upcoming elections because I feel I have given up my right to have an effect (and in turn an opinion) on them.
2) I’ve never been one to shy away from the controversial topics of humor. I feel that comedy takes away the power that evil acts hold on us. But these are done by comedians. People whose lot in life revolves around finding the light in the dark. People who look to find levity where there should be none. I know its not every ones point of view and i respect that, but I also believe that in the light of comedy, no topic should be taboo because it encourages people to face these things and confront issues head on.
My problem is this:
Rodrigo Duterte is NOT a comedian. He is a man running for President of the Republic of the Philippines. He is not someone who looks to make people laugh and find humor in dark situations. He is a man running for the highest office in the land. A man who is in the running for a position that will give him the ability to change the way that we as Filipinos live. I DO NOT find this amusing in the slightest. A potential world leader should not take serious issues lightly. A potential world leader should NOT make misogynistic off the cuff comments that debase the idea of something as serious as rape. A world leader is supposed to be the example of a human being that we strive to be. One that has the best interests of his country at heart and one that leads the way in terms of morality and ethics.

Rape sickens me. I get that comedians SOMETIMES joke about it, but to me that is what they do. But I hear about it occurring in real life and my skin crawls. I’ve had friends tell me about experiences and near calls in taxis.On Jeeps. On subways. In bars, In clubs. Its the most DESPICABLE thing I can imagine and it honestly makes me want to go in to a murderous rage when I hear about it. So for a man who could potentially lead this country to joke so candidly about it makes me worry. Not just for the future of the country, but for the future of our people. I’ve long held my tongue about Duterte’s misogyny, his lack of morals, and his encouragement of vigilantism; but I will NO LONGER silence my voice against a creature such as him.

Duterte is the epitome of typical Filipino machismo. A figurehead for the idiotic masculinity that prevails in this country. People want a change. I understand that. He has made good points, he has good ideas; but at the end of the day, I don’t want a change for the worst. I’ve spoken at length to my friends about my problems with him; about his lack of concrete planning about federalism and the crime rate; his lack of experience at dealing with the politics in this country at a national level, his lack of morals, his lack of ethics, and his lack of class. And look at yourself, and consider if you’re the kind of person who agrees with these ideals.
I will NOT condone this kind of behavior in a a man who thinks he is fit to run our country and I implore all of you who are thinking of voting for him to step back, take a look at not just the plans of the man but his character; and reconsider your vote. You know who else had fantastic ideas for their country? Who else was charismatic enough to sway the people to their side? Who was adored by the people despite their questionable morals?
Pick a dictator. Hitler, Franco, Stalin, Marcos, Pol Pot, Castro. Any one of them in history. They are all the same. Charismatic, but inherently morally abhorrent.
This is the first and last time I will comment on the state of the elections and I hope to GOD that nothing pops up in the next few weeks that outrages me to the point where I feel I need to comment again.