One more time, with FEELING.

First and foremost, I’m a Catholic, but for the last few years I’ve had problems with the way the Catholic Church of the Philippines keeps trying to run this country.  Carlos Celdrans conviction and impending jail time is the latest in a string of things the CBCP and the local Church has done in the past few years that have caused much facepalming and an embarrassment. Lets get one thing straight though: While I agree with Celdrans opinions on the controlling ways of the church (RH Bill anyone?); what he did is actually a CRIME.

Art. 133. Offending the religious feelings. — The penalty of arresto mayor in its maximum period to prision correccional in its minimum period shall be imposed upon anyone who, in a place devoted to religious worship or during the celebration of any religious ceremony shall perform acts notoriously offensive to the feelings of the faithful.

What Celdran did was pretty much like having a protester jump into a kindergarten class mid lesson to start protesting.  There’s a time and place for it and in the middle of a religious service is NOT it. People should be able to worship their faith peacefully and without interruption, BUT the fact that Celdran faces up to a year in jail seems a bit extreme for me.  I honestly would have expected that he would have been slapped with a large yet reasonable fine then sentenced to a crapton of community service.  It’s not like anyone was hurt with what he did.  Oh wait, their FEELINGS.

See, this isn’t a problem of our freedom of speech being taken away from us, it’s more of a problem with the fact that once again, we see no clear boundary between church and state.   From this law alone we can see that the church still wields too much power in our government.   Our government needs to look at itself and remember that they’re representing the best interests of the Filipino People and not the Filipino Catholic Church.  Laws need to be looked at and revised, and the CBCP needs to learn to shut up and butt out of government affairs.  This country will never progress and develop if we continue to be held back by archaic beliefs that are controlled by an unchanging religious grip.  I wish the Government would realize that there are Filipinos of other religions who live here too.

Also, why is this case over and done with so fast when we still have to try a murderer thats waiting to be convicted of murdering 58 people?


OPM follow up.

There was gonna be a follow up post.  Something more directed at the outcry to the lack of mainstream support, which if you were paying attention isn’t something I mentioned the other day.

Then Twinky beat me to it.  Please read this article guys.  Twinky Lagdameo has been working behind the scenes with the labels and corporations, helping to continue to build support for artists from aspiring songwriters to signed bands.  She’s one person I respect and look up in terms of the business of making music.  She says things better than I ever could, and I encourage ALL OF YOU to read what she has to say.


By Twinky Lagdameo of

There are more important things.

Ok I’m going to take advantage of all the recent page views to just help a friend out.  Last night my friend Archie’s brother was hit and run over by a silver/white Toyota Innova (with possible Plate No. ZPG 501) at around 2:30 AM on Pasong Tamo Ext., by Gorky’s Pizza/Eco Plaza. If anyone has any information on this incident, please message me or Archie Geotina


OPM isn’t dead you idiot.

First and foremost, there are three things I get really, REALLY worked up about in conversations.  The first is my beloved Liverpool FC, the second is photography, and the third is music.  Specifically, local music.  I’ve been a part of this industry since early 2002 and I fucking HATE it when people tell me that OPM is dead. They state things about the massive machine that is K-POP and local revival pop music.  They tell me that record labels aren’t listening anymore.  They tell me that there’s no more mainstream support. Well fuck you; I’ve been a part of the music scene since 2002 and most of my drunken conversations with friends, musicians and fellow music lovers have always ended up at the state of OPM; and let me tell you something.  None of us think it’s even CLOSE to being dead.
Yeah losing NU107 hurt.  Musicians now have no real outlet to get good exposure for their music right?  Wrong. You have the internet.  You all have what all of your heroes of your teen angst years didn’t: The world at your fingertips. Share your music on social media.  You have things like Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.  USE IT.  Don’t sit there and complain that OPM is dead because no one came to your gig in Guijo that you didn’t really promote. Have you ever sat in the middle of a mall handing out hand drawn flyers to a gig you’re playing at in Rock Radio later that day? Have you ever spent the day burning CDs and sticking on photocopied labels that you plan to sell for 50 bucks outside KAFE? Have you ever stood up in the middle of class to announce to your batchmates that your band is playing at Mayrics later? Put the hard work in and the success will follow.  It’s not like Urbandub landed in Manila with a record deal in hand. They worked hard in Cebu, then worked harder in Manila, and even then, it took 3 albums before labels took notice.  Your heroes went through what you’re going through now.  If you call it quits after barely a year, then all you’re doing is contributing to the stigma that OPM is a joke.
If you think OPM is dead because of the whims of record labels, revival songs, pop acts and K-POP then you’re part of the problem. OPM is NOT dead. OPM has ALWAYS been here. OPM is NOT going anywhere. OPM is NOT defined by what’s on TV, by what’s selling in record stores, by what’s playing on the radio (especially in this NU-less age).  OPM is defined by Filipino musicians making ORIGINAL PINOY MUSIC.  If your idea of OPM is whats being displayed on mainstream media, then obviously you haven’t been LISTENING for the last two decades.
Francis M, Wolfgang, Razorback, POT, GreyHoundz, Slapshock, Queso, Kamikazee, Parokya ni Edgar, Sandwich, Rivermaya, Twisted Halo, Kjwan, Chicosci, Urbandub, Radioactive Sago Project, Cambio, Sugarfree, Bamboo, Kapatid, Spongecola, Imago, Dictalicense, Faspitch, Ambassadors, Taken By Cars, Up Dharma Down, Hilera, Cog, The Out of Body Special, Jejaview, Sirens, The Butchercons, Pupil, Archipelago, Pitik, Salamin, The Wilderness, Ang Bandang Shirley, Twin Lobster, Outerhope, Pedicab, Peso Movement, Yolanda Moon, Curbside, Earthmover, and COUNTLESS more.
EDITYou know, people need to realize that my rant is directed at those that say OPM is dead and not the author of the Philstar Article. I’d rather anyone who reads my blog NOT use it as a launching point of attacks against Don Jaucian. I only linked him because he was the latest in a long line of people that have continuously said that OPM is dead. The rest of my rant doesn’t even discuss what he says in his article. His article is more on the record label side of things. Do I have issues with things that were written? Yes, and I have my own opinions on that subject, but that’s a completely different topic of conversation.My rant is basically an answer to all of those who tell me that OPM is dead. Because it’s not dead. It’s staring at you in the face.

Fuck you Sotto.

You’re an embarrassment to the Philippines and have no right to call yourself a Senator. All of your arguments are invalid and your reputation has been ruined because everything you have done or will do cannot be trusted to be honest. Resign now or refrain from continuing your diatribe of misinformation Sotto.

I refuse to call you senator because you obviously don’t deserve it.  As an artist I find it despicable that you blatantly plagiarize someone’s work and DENY that it happened by trying to find a loophole and saying you “quoted the doctor” that was quoted in the blog.  As an artist and as someone who is very aware of intellectual property laws I find your actions APPALLING and EMBARRASSING, especially someone who is an Elected SENATOR OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES. Nothing you say will be trusted from here one and anything and everything you plan on doing or have ever done (Oh hello Pepsi Paloma) should be scrutinized and subject to public investigation.

Plainly put, you’re a fucking liar Tito Sotto and you have no right to be holding the office where you so blatantly abuse your power.

And this isn’t even a typhoon

Stay safe out there everyone.  I know it’s flooded all over the city.  The rain seems to have stopped here in the South so if you’d like to help out with donations, drop by HIllsborough or Westgate.

We are asking for help from those who live in the Muntinlupa/Alabang area. We are accepting donations of CLOTHES, FOOD (no cooking needed), WATER, CASH and/or BOXES (for packaging) at the Hampton Court, Hillsborough Alabang Village. Volunteers to help pack and sort will be greatly appreciated. Look for Mela Garcia, Casey Erum or Cynthia Erum. Contact 0917-6285891 or 0917-8172291 for more inquiries. Thank you and let us all help our fellow brothers and sisters in need.
(via Rica Jose)
Collecting relief goods for those affected in Bacoor, Cavite. Please drop off goods in Cafe Año at Westgate, Alabang.

A Quick Word on the RH Bill

I’ve been avoiding writing about the clusterfuck known as the RH Bill debate because I’ve talked enough about it on my show (OK It was more of a drunken rant than an educated discussion) and I really didn’t feel like getting dragged into the pool if ignorance and screaming.  I’ve always considered myself Pro-RH and I’ve had some good talks with people that are Anti-RH and their reasons for doing so.  Mostly they talk about the economic burden and the statistics of overpopulation and how the population is more city-centric, creating an illusion of overcrowding/population etc etc.  That’s fine, those are the reasons why I feel there is a debate about the viablilty of the RH bill in the first place, and they’re the only reasons that don’t infuriate me to the point of blind rage.

I tweeted earlier about the #NoToRHBill hashtag and the sheer ignorance I saw.  I’d like to apologize for that.  I was pretty pissed off at the time.  I know that not everyone who is against the RH bill is an ignorant member of society, and I was really referring to the religious spin on the Anti RH Bill side.  Most of the ridiculousness on there infuriated me.  Gems such as

If you’re a Woman and you’re Pro RH bill, shame on u for letting the Governmental decide when & how you should enjoy Motherhood. #NotoRHBill

Which is laughable because the RH bill is EXACTLY about letting a Woman choose WHEN and HOW she has a child. Oh and we have:

I Live To Fight For LIFE And LOVE. No one Stops Me For This. Not even the Constitutional Laws. MY GOD IS FAR GREATER THAN THAT. #NotoRHBill

Is she saying screw the constitution and laws? Right.  Get out of my country please.  Oh and there’s also everyones personal favorite:


You know why people get so frustrated when debating the RH Bill? It’s because most of the time it seems like most of the time these people haven’t even READ the damn thing.  Honestly, if you want to have an honest and open discussion about one of the most important bills in recent Philippine History, then at LEAST READ IT.  Understand it, then make your arguments from that.  Too wordy for you? Then read this article from Senator Pia Cayetano (who is right now, my hero.)

Why do I support the RH bill? Well Sen. Cayetano said it best in her article:

I am aware that certain religious groups are anti-RH. I respect their position. But I cannot adopt their position because it would be depriving other Filipinos who have other views on reproductive health and on the reproductive health care and services that they need and want.

This country is not 100% Catholic, and these people need to realize that.  Do you think they would be comfortable living in a country that had vastly different religious views that were forced down their throat? No, I don’t think they would.

The country may be divided right now but the important thing is that BOTH sides engage in EDUCATED discussion. If all you’re going to spout out is garbage like “THE FLOODS ARE GODS WAY OF PUNISHING THE RH BILL SUPPORTERS” then I’m going to kick you in the face. I understand that people are entitled to their own opinions, and I am too.  My opinion is that your opinions are stupid and wrong.